Professional Beauty Products Are Not What They Appear to Be

Your hairdresser may act like your best friend when you are sitting in her chair but the reality is that the salon industry is a cut throat business and the biggest deception in the whole game is the misunderstanding and mis-valuing of the importance of professional beauty products. Think for a moment about every shampoo commercial you have ever seen on television. Can you remember the names of the advertisers? Companies like Paul Mitchell, John Frieda, Herbal Essences, and L’Oreal among others are some of the biggest spenders of advertising dollars during day time television shows that target women. These advertisers are the exact people that do not want you reading this article.

Simply put, the professional beauty products industry is a multi-billion dollar a year business that in many instances reaps its profits at the expense of deceiving the very same customer base that it claims to help. The truth of the matter is that once you strip away the attractive models, beautiful celebrity endorsers, and fancy packaging you are left with a product that is not superior to the run of the mill drug store brand shampoo or conditioner that can be found in any low end grocery store or pharmacy. I am describing a situation that is very analogous to the concept of brand name pharmaceuticals compared to generic brand drugs that perform the same functions because their built from the same active ingredients. While the effectiveness of generic versus name brand stands the scrutiny of lab work including testing performed by the FDA the only discernible difference is that one version is circulated by an internationally recognizable brand name that charges a premium to financially support the continued advertisement and advancement of that brand image. This exact same concept applies to the business of beauty products and particularly shampoos and conditioners that are set at price points that are prohibitively expensive for the average consumer.

While many would argue that business is just business and that any consumer uninformed enough to spend top dollar when they can get the exact same product for a fraction of the cost is getting exactly what she deserves I would argue a different point. Consumer advocacy groups are in place to set standards regarding fair practices and to enforce anti-fraudulent behavior. The end consumer is ultimately responsible for how they use their spending power but the target market should also be considered when analyzing this specific case. Self-esteem and self image are two points in particular that deserve attention when evaluating the merits of the top tier brands that prey on consumer insecurities.

The way to put an end to this reckless assault on the American housewife is for women around the country to educate each other on the matter and then vote with their collective pocket books. Nothing sends a message like supporting a cause with purchasing power. Spread the message by sharing this article with a neighbor, sister, or friend so that the message will be heard throughout the hair product industry that enough is enough.

Helping Someone With an Online Porn Addiction

It is no secret that there is an abundance of pornography available on the Internet today. All kinds of pornography are accessible online from photos to videos to homemade porn uploaded to Youtube. Today, there is no need to even pay to get access to hardcore websites and the mechanisms that so-called legitimate porn sites use to filter out minors is easily bypassed (they simple enter a birth date that makes them old enough to enter

Easy access to online pornography is a disaster for a person with a porn addiction problem or an inclination to having a problem with addiction to pornography. Anyone with an addiction problem and an Internet connection is faced with temptation twenty-four hours a day.

Is porn addiction a real problem – why can’t they just stop looking at the stuff?

A porn addict often wants to stop. After all, he is making his girlfriend or wife angry,damaging his sex life, feeling guilty and ashamed. . . But he can not stop. It has become commonly accepted among the psychiatric profession that pornography addiction is a mental disorder that requires and can be cured with treatment.

How do you know if someone is a porn addict?

A porn addiction problem is characterized by a difficulty to limit time spent looking at pornography which leads to harmful effects on the person himself as well as to others. Determining if a porn addiction problem exists is similar to determining other addiction disorders.

General characteristics:

  • Recurrent failure to resist impulses to view pornography
  • Increasing sense of tension immediately prior to looking at pornography
  • Pleasure or relief at the time of looking at pornography

At least five of the following characteristics:

  • Frequent preoccupation with seeing pornography or having access to pornography
  • Frequently viewing porn
  • Repeated efforts to control or stop looking at pornography
  • A lot of time spent online to the extent that it interferes with normal behavior
  • Looking at pornography interferes with other parts of life: job, school, home or social obligations
  • Important social, work, or recreational activities given up or missed because of the time spent on porn
  • Continuation of the habit despite recognizing that it causes problems
  • A need to increase the intensity or frequency of the pornography in order to achieve the desired effect
  • Restlessness or irritability if access to pornography is denied or unavailable.

How Can you Stop Someone from Accessing Porn on the Computer?

Open communication is the best way to approach a loved one with a suspected porn addiction problem. If the problem is that they are viewing pornography online, you can do a lot to help them. First of all, get rid of the temptation. That does not have to mean getting rid of the family computer or canceling the Internet connection.

If your loved one admits to a problem and wants your help to overcome the problem, you can agree together to start by eliminating the easy access they have to porn online. Simply by installing an effective web filter (“porn blocker’), you can easily block out porn and sex websites from your PC. A web filter, such as Optenet PC, is a software solution, that you install and manage on your computer. It can be a fast and easy way to curb a problem that is just beginning or helping a serious porn addict eliminate the immediate access to porn sites.

Recommended Exercises for Diabetes Management – Important Exercises to Help You Contol Blood Sugar

Okay, you’ve just heard those three devastating words, “You have diabetes.” Now what? Is life as you know it over? Not necessarily. The health community recommends several lifestyle changes that provide proven results and help you live your life the way you want.

There’s one lifestyle change that is easy, fun, and won’t consume your time. This change also will encourage time with your family and friends. That’s right – it’s exercising.

I hear you groaning, “I don’t have the time,” “I don’t want to be sore all the time,” “What a waste of time,” or “It’s not going to do anything!” Hear me out. These recommended exercises focus on and alleviate your diabetes complications; they are not to cause you undue stress or over-exertion. These simple and easy exercises are simply to get you moving and have fun! Over-exerting yourself can cause major complications, so remember to keep the exercises simple, fun, easy, and light.

“Okay, what are these recommended exercises?”

The following exercises are useful in managing your diabetes:

-Cardiovascular exercises. These types of exercises are non-vigorous activities. Water aerobics and cycling are two options. Just three to four days per week of moderate-intensity exercise for 20-60 minutes will give you the energy and encouragement you need.

-Resistance training. This involves lower-resistance and lower-intensity programs. Only 10-15 repetitions at least two days per week will give you the toned, slender, and sexy muscles you’ve always dreamed of.

-Flexibility and stretching. Reap benefits with only two to three days per week for 15-30 seconds. Two to four times per stretch will give you the ability to be limber and flexible. Remember to stretch lightly before exercising. After exercising, stretch for 30-60 seconds to stretch your muscles while they are warm. This will allow you to become more flexible.

“What’s in it for me?”

Right about now, you might be thinking, “What good are these recommended exercises for diabetes management if I already have diabetes?” I’m glad you asked! Here are just a few incentives to get you exercising:

-Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs

-Exercise lowers LDL cholesterol

-Exercise raises HDL cholesterol

-Exercise improves circulation

-Exercise helps lower blood pressure

-Exercise reduces risks of heart disease and stroke

-Exercise increases strength and endurance

-Exercise relieves stress

-Exercise enhances sleep

Exercise has more than physical benefits. You can also enjoy the mental benefits:



-Better outlook on life

-Dreams and hopes become reality

You have everything to gain and everything to lose if you don’t. It is possible to enjoy mental, physical, and spiritual health again. What are you waiting for?

Major Symptoms of Depression – What You Need to Know

There are various symptoms of depression. Depression at some situations in our life is normal but when we get depressed every time, it is not at all good for our health. It is harmful for our body and we should take anti-depressants to fight the condition.

When we experience the symptoms for 2 weeks, we may be suffering from major depression. It often leads to sleeping problems and inability to eat properly.

Your doctor will do appropriate tests to find out the level of depression. Women are often more likely to suffer from it than men. Here are the three major symptoms:

1. Body Fatigue or Low Energy
2. Inability to Sleep properly
3. Non indulgence in social activities
4. Inability to Eat and Emotional Problems

There can be various causes for these. These can result from various situations or incidents in real life. Often these lead to hormonal imbalances, chemical imbalances and other problems for the body. These problems often take serious shape after some time and have to be treated with appropriate medications.

People suffering from depression often fall into the trap of pills and drugs. There are also a large number of suicide cases resulting from this disorder. The use of drugs can even complicate the problem further and should be avoided. There are also some natural treatment methods for those suffering from depression.

The treatment method should involve emotional support, medications and a solution to the real causes. This can be done with proper family support and mental training for the affected person.