Dental X-Rays: Fast, Safe, Efficient

Digital X-rays are a diagnostic tool necessary to aid the dentist is determining the health of hard tissue in the mouth. Dental x-rays are a useful tool to use in concert with a visual exam to prevent dental problems, maintain healthy gum tissue, and diagnosis any oral health issues including dental caries. There are two types of diagnostic x-rays that can be taken in a dental office. Intraoral x-rays are the most helpful in determining cavities and determining the health of the root and surrounding bone levels. With digital x-rays a sensor is placed in the mouth and the x-ray is taken with the image almost immediately being projected on a computer screen. Extraoral x-rays are performed with the x-ray scanning the outside of the area of interest. One of the most common types of extraoral digital x-rays available in a general dentist’s office would be the panoramic x-ray. The purpose of this type of x-ray is to focus on the development of the teeth and bone in the jaw, determine the position and existence of third molars, and help in diagnosis and treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues.

Many benefits exist for the patient in having digital x-rays taken in the dental office instead of conventional film based x-rays. As mentioned earlier, the ability to produce the dental image seconds after the x-ray is taken allows for faster treatment and diagnosis of dental issues. This technology is particularly beneficial during endodontic treatment when multiple x-rays may be taken to determine the file and fill lengths during a root canal. In addition, the reduction of radiation exposure for the patient is a dramatic advantage. The digital x-ray image produced can be manipulated with dental software by using contrast techniques to aid in diagnosis of dental problems. The advent of digital x-rays also allows the process of transferring x-rays between offices to be faster and more efficient.

The need and frequency of digital x-rays for a patient is dependent on the health and clinical history of each individual. For new patients entering a dental practice, it is important for the dentist to determine a baseline from which to compare changes in oral health as time progresses. This new patient set of x-rays may include a full mouth set of x-rays and/or a panoramic x-ray and 4 bitewing x-rays. This x-ray series will help to create a reference starting point for future treatment. Future maintenance x-rays will be determined according to the consistency of care and health of the individual’s mouth. For proper dental care, digital x-rays provide an optimal tool to aid your dentist in providing the best possible care to maintain your oral health.

Apps for Dentists – Use Technology to Manage Your Dental Practice Better

Are you always looking for different ways of managing your dental practice so that you can earn more profits while increasing customer satisfaction? While you do need to adopt the latest technology in providing dental care you should try to manage your business more efficiently. It has become standard practice for a business to have a website. However, the growing popularity of smartphones has opened many new opportunities for you. In fact, there are quite a few apps for dentists that can prove to be very useful for your dental practice.

People have become very dependent on their smartphones and are happy to locate apps that help them do things efficiently. In consequence there are many apps with dentistry as their theme that have been designed for iPhones / iPads and for Android phones. Some of the most interesting apps for dentists are:

– Dental Manager (by Team Mozzi): This app is a fixture on most modern dentists’ iPhones and iPads because it helps manage all sorts of patient related data. Dentists primarily use it to construct treatment plans and associated costs. It is also used to create and manage the patient database and also communicate with them.

– My Dentist (by dental everywhere): This is a great interactive tool that enables you to have an excellent level of communication with patients. Patients can use it to request an appointment and also keep track of all their visits to your clinic. You can upload instructions to the patient’s profile which the person can then read. This is especially useful if you require the patient to make any preparations ahead of any dental procedure. Your patients will be very impressed by the enhanced quality of service that this app enables since there is direct communication between both parties.

– Dental Expert (by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc.): This dental app enables patients to have detailed information of the procedures available for various dental issues. This will reduce the amount of time taken during consultations since patients will know quite a few answers already. Many patients educate themselves about various procedures (especially cosmetic ones) and request for these treatments. This company also has an app called Pediatric Dental Expert that is hugely popular with parents of small children.

Make it a point to tell your patients about these innovative and useful apps for dentists. You’ll quickly get a reputation for being high tech and this will benefit your business.