Recommended Exercises for Diabetes Management – Important Exercises to Help You Contol Blood Sugar

Okay, you’ve just heard those three devastating words, “You have diabetes.” Now what? Is life as you know it over? Not necessarily. The health community recommends several lifestyle changes that provide proven results and help you live your life the way you want.

There’s one lifestyle change that is easy, fun, and won’t consume your time. This change also will encourage time with your family and friends. That’s right – it’s exercising.

I hear you groaning, “I don’t have the time,” “I don’t want to be sore all the time,” “What a waste of time,” or “It’s not going to do anything!” Hear me out. These recommended exercises focus on and alleviate your diabetes complications; they are not to cause you undue stress or over-exertion. These simple and easy exercises are simply to get you moving and have fun! Over-exerting yourself can cause major complications, so remember to keep the exercises simple, fun, easy, and light.

“Okay, what are these recommended exercises?”

The following exercises are useful in managing your diabetes:

-Cardiovascular exercises. These types of exercises are non-vigorous activities. Water aerobics and cycling are two options. Just three to four days per week of moderate-intensity exercise for 20-60 minutes will give you the energy and encouragement you need.

-Resistance training. This involves lower-resistance and lower-intensity programs. Only 10-15 repetitions at least two days per week will give you the toned, slender, and sexy muscles you’ve always dreamed of.

-Flexibility and stretching. Reap benefits with only two to three days per week for 15-30 seconds. Two to four times per stretch will give you the ability to be limber and flexible. Remember to stretch lightly before exercising. After exercising, stretch for 30-60 seconds to stretch your muscles while they are warm. This will allow you to become more flexible.

“What’s in it for me?”

Right about now, you might be thinking, “What good are these recommended exercises for diabetes management if I already have diabetes?” I’m glad you asked! Here are just a few incentives to get you exercising:

-Exercise strengthens the heart and lungs

-Exercise lowers LDL cholesterol

-Exercise raises HDL cholesterol

-Exercise improves circulation

-Exercise helps lower blood pressure

-Exercise reduces risks of heart disease and stroke

-Exercise increases strength and endurance

-Exercise relieves stress

-Exercise enhances sleep

Exercise has more than physical benefits. You can also enjoy the mental benefits:



-Better outlook on life

-Dreams and hopes become reality

You have everything to gain and everything to lose if you don’t. It is possible to enjoy mental, physical, and spiritual health again. What are you waiting for?