Major Symptoms of Depression – What You Need to Know

There are various symptoms of depression. Depression at some situations in our life is normal but when we get depressed every time, it is not at all good for our health. It is harmful for our body and we should take anti-depressants to fight the condition.

When we experience the symptoms for 2 weeks, we may be suffering from major depression. It often leads to sleeping problems and inability to eat properly.

Your doctor will do appropriate tests to find out the level of depression. Women are often more likely to suffer from it than men. Here are the three major symptoms:

1. Body Fatigue or Low Energy
2. Inability to Sleep properly
3. Non indulgence in social activities
4. Inability to Eat and Emotional Problems

There can be various causes for these. These can result from various situations or incidents in real life. Often these lead to hormonal imbalances, chemical imbalances and other problems for the body. These problems often take serious shape after some time and have to be treated with appropriate medications.

People suffering from depression often fall into the trap of pills and drugs. There are also a large number of suicide cases resulting from this disorder. The use of drugs can even complicate the problem further and should be avoided. There are also some natural treatment methods for those suffering from depression.

The treatment method should involve emotional support, medications and a solution to the real causes. This can be done with proper family support and mental training for the affected person.