Ultimate Regrets In Life – Filial Piety And A Child’s Upbringing

Filial piety; time to repay one’s parents can’t be delayed!

Filial piety moves heaven. The time to repay one’s parents is NOW! Time waits for no one. Majority of us love our parents to a great extent. I would assume most are good towards one’s parents. In Confucian ideals, filial piety is one of the virtues to be held above all else. It is the respect for one’s parents and ancestors. It means the children have to be good, to take care, to watch over their conduct and behavior at all times as a way of honoring their parents and ancestors.

Most of the times one only discover that he or she has not done enough for their parents when they both have passed away. This is one of the greatest regrets of life, in that while one’s parents are still around and living the children didn’t take the opportunity to show one’s love, appreciation and time together with them. This filial piety goes beyond financial and materialistic means, it is the time that is necessary to be spend together. It doesn’t matter whether this time spent together is in a big way or in a humbly manner. It can be a big poised restaurant but it can also be a small neighbourhood outlet. The key is “spend time together”. In today’s modern society, when everyone is being burned out and stressed out with one’s life, it is going to take more than an effort to carve out this personal time for one’s parents. The time is NOW! One should not assume that this can be deferred and delayed. Do not wait until they are no longer around!

A child’s upbringing starts young! Be there!

A child must be taught and impart with the right values while young, and as early as possible. This is also a daunting task for many parents themselves. Bringing up a child is not easy. Parents need spend a great part of their leisure time with the child when they are young.

Parents normally give all the best they could to the child. In inculcating values and in giving everything they think would be good for the child they put this child through subjects and classes that they themselves think will be good, and it is the best. More often than not, the parents would have imposed on the young child of their very own interests and likings. For example, if the daddy likes swimming and the mummy likes playing the piano, the child would most likely ended up learning swimming and taking up piano classes. It is unfortunate that the true potential and interests of the child may never be discovered, until such time when the blaming comes about when the child turns teenager. To start picking up his or her own interests during the teenage years will be relatively more difficult if say, he or she would have started young at the age of four to five. It takes effort in nurturing the child not just in what the parents want the child to be, but more importantly in the areas of imparting the values and principles that goes in shaping up the child’s characters and personalities, it has to start from young!

In the other scenario; parents work hard in bringing the best to the family. They may have everything materialistically speaking but when it comes to the child’s upbringing, they are helpless and dumbfounded! Some parents may be complacent in this aspects but most would have committed the mistake what most couples do; leave it to the other person! The parents could be labeled as irresponsible. They may not know exactly how to bring up the child the right way. It seems that they are always busy, and both daddy and mummy committed most of their times to their work. And during their leisure off days, they are pre-occupied with their other businesses. The time spent with the child is limited probably to meal times, an effort to communicate is neglected and bonding between parents and child distanced. Ultimately, the child will get drifted away from the parents.

As time goes by, the child will likely to confide to people surrounding him or her instead of the parents; child’s schoolmates or even internet chat-mates. This has a considerable influencing impact on the child’s development. The child’s character and personality is mould inevitably. The people and things that the child were exposed to will shape his or her destiny. Be it good or bad, this will be how it goes into the child’s upbringing. Sadly to say, most of these cases ended up with a less than desirable outcome. The unhealthy development that the child is put through couldn’t have been worse, don’t leave this to luck! In the process of one’s child development, these indelible marks and mistakes due to the parents’ vacuum in the upbringing process might result in a most regrettable manner. Therefore, a child’s upbringing starts young. Be there!